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urban play

Rintala/Eggertsson Architects, Flydende Badepavillon, 2012, foto: Tuala Hjarnø

Rintala / Eggertsson Architects

Floating Bath Pavilion – PYR

For Urban Play Rintala/Eggertsson Architects have build a floating bath pavilion on the water at the end of the jetty of Søndre Havn. From the floating deck, you can feel the gentle rock of the sea, dip your toes in the water, look out over the horizon and warm yourself in the sauna after a cool dip.  As a floating sauna the bath pavilion offers the winter swimming club Valkyrien a chance to get warm again quickly after a dip – and they can be joined by new swimmers not so keen on the freezing water. You can light up the fire, use the edge of the pavilion as a platform for jumping and playing or let yourself slosh on the floating pontoon. The water is the core of the harbour and the floating pontoon brings a new place for residence and activities on the water.


Rintala/Eggertsson Architects (NO/FI/IS) is an architect duo consisting of Sami Rintala og Dagur Eggertsson who work with sculptural and poetic architecture. Their projects are examples of how a balance between man and nature can be staged through architectural shapes – with a specific focus on the sensual meeting between body and nature. Rintala/Eggertsson often build their architecture directly into nature where the two elements more or less melt together.


Ministry of Culture Denmark’s fund for visiting architects supported Rintala/Eggertssons research visit in Denmark in February 2011.



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